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Chakra: This reading will reveal if one or more of your 7 chakras are unbalanced, if so this can effect the way of life as far as relationships, energy, stress, insecurity, depression, confusion. Mrs. Jane will be able to determine if any or some are unbalanced. Chakra balancing would be the next step.
Gifted Spiritual Healer and Adviser

   Welcome to the next better phase of your life!
There are many reasons why a psychic reading could be beneficial to your life. When there are things that you simply cannot understand for yourself, or would like to gain a more clear sense of your life. Getting a psychic reading can help unlock powerful insights! There is no subject too touchy for Mrs. Jane because she wants you to leave satisfied with more knowledge than you had before you received a psychic reading with her. Mrs. Jane can find answers to important questions you might have regarding love, career, family, life changes, legal matters, depression, doubt, confusion, health, or anything that may concern you.
Here's some things that's Happening in your life that you need to know about. LOVE LIFE PROBLEMS
Is your husband or wife cheating? Is your boyfriend or girlfriend acting strange? Is your lover spending money on someone else? Is he or she on drugs? Do you have a violent relationship? Are you not treated well in your relationship? Do you want someone good in your life that will treat you right? Looking for that new lover in your life? Does your loved one always drink too much and call you bad names? Is he or she not paying attention to you? Any other love problems that you have Mrs. Jane can and will help you with your love problems.
​Authentic Love Spells By Jane
Mrs. Jane's powerful and potent loves spells will remedy any issue that you are having with your lover. Mrs. Jane has the ability to restore the communication, trust, understanding, passion, intimacy, and most of all the love between partners.
Mrs. Jane does not use forceful energies to conduct her love spells and will cast a love spell for people who have high compatibility levels with their mate. This assures that all her spells will be successful, and results will arrive effectively once a love spell is casted!

Don't be mislead by other psychics who say they have the power to help you, but yet always fail! Amature psychic and spell casters do not have the abilities or experienced knowledge that Mrs.Jane has acquired through her 35 years of experience. Using potent and the best quality materials and methods to give you the results you are looking for. Its just that simple! All of Mrs.Jane's love spells are meant to help, Mend and restore lovers and guide them through spiritual healing.
Do you need good luck in anything or everything you do? Want more success in your business? Want a better job or career? Just want to be happier in life? Want what the future holds for you? Do you want to know who your enemies and friends are?
Need more happiness? Good Fortune? Want a healthier life? Is your family out of control? Do you feel your life is out of control? Mrs.Jane will guide you through life with all of these problems that you have and any other problems or questions you may have. 

Reunite Lovers Spells 
Commitment Spells
Stop Divorce Spells
Passion Spells
Gay love Spells
Break up Spells
Love Potions Spells.
Drugs & Alcohol Spells
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Mrs. Jane works with White Magic, Aura Cleansing, Candles,  Oils, Meditations, Prayers, Incense , Aromatherapy , and Healing from her power from God.
Indian Herbs comes from the mountains which have been a special healing herb that was passed through for three centuries through my great grandmother, and the mothers of my family line. As a guide, I choose to share this powerful gift as guidance to help many wonderful people who seek my spiritual power from god. The types of herbs that deals with different sickness are, illnesses, and problems. These powerful INDIAN HERBS treats both conditions in men and women. 

Also to say, I also use my powerful Indian Herbs and REMEDIES for many other complaints. Has Someone crossed you up? Has someone taken your luck away? Do you feel that you have been cheated out of life? Mrs. Jane has a God-given power to help you overcome your problems no matter how big or small. 

Mrs.Jane will tell you "What's right or Wrong", and "What's going on in your life" about friends, enemies, or rivals. Whether husband, wife or sweetheart is true or false. How to gain the love you most desire, control or influence the action of anyone even through miles away. She has helped thousands, why not you? She will advise on love, marriage, business, health, divorces, lawsuits, luck, alcoholics, happiness, spells, success and evil influences of all kinds. Tells who your friends and enemies are. Removes all evil and bad luck! WHY SUFFER, when you can be helped and free from all troubles?

Mrs. Jane guarantees to help solve your problems.

 9:00 AM to 12 MIDNIGHT

26107 I-45 NORTH - SPRING, TEXAS 77380